Our Vision

Improve patient care

and provide excellent clinical care close to home.

RMC Health

RMC’s vision for a potential affiliation with the UAB Health System includes a focus on:

Excellent Clinical Care and opportunities to collaborate to bring new services and care to the local region.

Supporting Employees and Providers through a good cultural alignment that supports the vital role RMC plays in the region and helps position RMC as an employer and clinical partner of choice for the entire medical community.

Supporting Growing Communities to ensure our region has a healthcare system that can meet the evolving healthcare needs of the future as the area continues to develop.

Care Close to Home so that patients can see their doctors and receive the highest-quality services they need locally.

Our Mission

Providing state-of-the-art healthcare with integrity, to the people we serve.

For more than 100 years, our commitment at RMC has been to provide high-quality healthcare to the people of Northeast Alabama. We remain committed to doing everything possible to ensure the brightest future for our patients, employees, providers and communities.