Our Vision

Improve patient care

and provide greater healthcare access in our five-county service area.

RMC Health

The RMC Board has identified several core considerations that are key to meeting the healthcare needs of Northeast Alabama and supporting the continued economic development of the region. Specifically, we are focused on exploring how a potential partner could help us advance our vision. We are seeking a potential partner that will:

Share Commitment

Share RMC’s longstanding commitment to quality, safety and patient experience.

Financial Investment

Serve our communities with ongoing financial investments in RMC’s services, technology, equipment, facilities and people.

Support our current employees and providers by:

  • equipping our physicians and staff with the needed resources to continue providing excellent care
  • maintaining RMC’s role as one of the largest employers in Northeast Alabama
  • embracing our values, culture and the vital role we play in the communities we serve
  • positioning RMC as an employer of choice for staff and the clinical partner of choice for the entire medical community

Why Explore for a Potential Partner?