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The decision is a natural next step in determining how to improve local access to high-caliber healthcare services.

Anniston, AL (August 11, 2022) – The Health Care Authority of the City of Anniston (RMC) Board of Directors and leadership team announced today that they have launched a strategic exploration process to determine if a potential partner could help sustain and improve local access to high-quality, low-cost care close to home and support the long-term growth of Northeast Alabama.

“RMC’s Board is specifically exploring ways to improve local access to the best healthcare,” said Jay Jenkins, Chair of the RMC Board of Directors. “RMC has proudly served this community for more than 100 years and we’re excited about the ways our patients, communities, employees and providers may benefit from a potential partnership, including increasing RMC’s ability to bring new services and specialty care to our local region.”

The Board identified several core considerations that are key to meeting the healthcare needs of Northeast Alabama and supporting the continued economic development of the region. Specifically, RMC is focused on exploring how a potential partner could advance its vision, with a focus on:

  • Excellent Clinical Care: RMC has important opportunities to better meet patients’ needs by expanding access to critical services and bringing new physicians and new kinds of care to the local region.
  • Supporting Employees and Providers: It is important to the Board that any potential partner is a good cultural fit, embraces RMC’s values, supports the vital role RMC plays in the region and helps position RMC as an employer and clinical partner of choice for the entire medical community. By equipping clinical teams with the resources needed, RMC will be better positioned to continue providing excellent care while maintaining its role as one of the largest employers in Northeast Alabama.
  • Supporting Growing Communities: Recently Calhoun County and the surrounding communities have experienced considerable economic growth. As the region continues to develop, local communities must have a healthcare system that can meet the growing healthcare needs of the future.
  • Equipment, Facilities and Technology: Infrastructure investments that support patient care have a domino effect, bringing more physicians, qualified staff, training and services with them. These investments are critical to improving RMC’s quality of care and keeping pace with industry demands.
  • Care Close to Home: RMC believes people should be able to see their doctors and receive the highest-quality services they need close to home. RMC must continue to evolve to ensure the best care is available right here in the local region.

RMC entered this process thoughtfully, proactively, and from a stable position, which allows the health system to explore a range of options from some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the country.

“Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art healthcare with integrity, to the people we serve. And that’s not something we take lightly,” said Louis Bass, President and CEO of RMC. “We are looking for a potential partner that understands our mission and shares our values.”

During the strategic partnership exploration process, RMC’s priority will continue to be providing exceptional care to patients. This process will not impact the health system’s daily operations, and nothing changes today for patients, employees or the community.

“We are committed to keeping our community, patients, and staff informed every step of the way,” said Bass. “This is an important milestone for RMC, and I’ve never been more excited about our future.”

Visit to learn more about RMC’s vision for the strategic partnership.